A high level of functionalism combining beauty and design.

Specialist in manufacturing objects made out of wood using latest technologies in high level cabinetmaking, the company realizes concepts by proposing solutions for the arrangement of workshops of watchmakers, luxury boutiques, for interior design, or standard furniture.


Established in 1891 in the heart of the Vallée de Joux, Bodenmann has developed its company at the same rhythm, with the same know-how values and the severity that distinguish the Swiss watch industry.


No other company is able compete with Bodenmann when it comes to quality production of furniture for the watch industry. Each piece of furniture or interior design for shops, offices or hotel receptions is created by using first class materials and with a high sense of detail.


All of Bodenmann's creations combine a high level of functionalism with beauty and design. Each objet has been developed in close collaboration with the customer and elaborated until fully satisfaction has been achieved, taking in consideration the use of high quality materials and high accuracy.


Bodenmann's activities also extend into the field of traditional carpentry and furniture manufacturing. For this sector, the company essentially serves the local market, by manufacturing windows, doors, partitions and cupboards in a traditional way.


The core business of Bodenmann is producing furniture and equipment for the watchmaking industry.

The company has earned an international reputation for its high quality workbenches for watchmakers and cabinets. Bodenmann is able to develop and produce everything from the unique piece to a series of over 200 units, all designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of every customer anywhere in the world.